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We offer hassle-free modeled part to finish part solutions all under the same roof. This allows us to be in full control of the project as well as a faster turn-around time. Being in business since 1978, you can be assured we know all the trade secrets to making your part the best it can be made. During the mold design stages, we work with you insuring the part is optimized for injection molding.

We create the molds with outstanding workmanship resulting in a mold you can trust. During the molding process we set key elements in place to ensure you the parts are repeatable. Any breakdowns, minor repairs, etc. are handled by our tool room at no charge.

Shorter Lead times and Lower Costs to You!

Experience worry free service with our in-house tooling and maintenance department.

We Make it, Mold it, Fix it and Store it - all under one roof!

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For general inquiries, please give us a call at (414) 421-2884 or EmailĀ rfq@itplastics.net