Plastic Products

Imperial Tool & Plastics creates custom plastic injection molded products for our customers.

Here are plastic products we regularly produce and sell.

Steel Products Strainer

Available in 1-1/2″, 2″, or 3″ sizes.

The Strainer is an External Pond Pump Suction Strainer used to keep sticks, rocks, fish and other debris from clogging your pumps.

Imperial Tool & Plastics is the new owner of “The Strainer” an industrial strength strainer previously owned by the Steel Products Manufacturing Co.

Eco Latch System

The Corner Latch and Box Latch are Re-Useable Box Latch™ products save money invested in one time use of tape as they promote box re-use and save money and our environment.  They may also reduce injuries caused by box cutters and respective stress caused from taping hundreds of boxes a day.